Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to world 1

Welcome to my humble adobe. There are 3 furnaces on either side, two chests, and one workbench.
I shall wait until morning, then go exploring.
Oh look, a flying cow. Time to get some leather, and make some armor.


In my cow murdering frenzy, I seem to have come across a large hole. The cow I was persuing jumped down the hole, and killed itself. Not the smartest move, but at least I've found an unexplored cave.

I have reached the bottom. What a glorious find! Iron and gold! This will certainly come in handy.
Disregard that I already have a diamond pick (plus one), this is still a fun find. Time to keep exploring.

My exploration seems to have been cut short due to there not being any cave left to explore.
There's also water, just if you hadn't figured that out yet.

I think I'm going to stop here, for now.
How do you all like the format? Anything I should change, anything you want me to add on? I'm all ears.
Happy minecrafting.

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