Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, the main part of the castle was finished. The ceiling was easy, thanks to crouching.
 (as you can see, I'm using the default texture pack again. But, I think I'm going to stick with this one, and make some changes along the way. If you look closely, the torch, shovel, and diamond pick look different. I also edited some of the block textures, you might see some of those later.)

But now, to highlight what this game is all about. Going on adventures.
I'm packing light. No reason to lose 4 iron picks over a creeper exploding on me.
I probably should make getting a compass and making a bow my first 2 priorities.

Anyway, I'm off.

Goodbye for now, castle. We won't be apart for long.

Aw crap.

Huh, I just found out if you stand in one place and just hold down the mouse button, they can't get close enough to kill you.

Why hello there. I don't think I'm going to bother you.

I thought this was a pretty cool view.

Oh hey look a cave. 
That was a pretty boring cave. I only found 8 iron ores.
Better than nothing.

So, I turn around, and...
Another cave! This one's making some pretty menacing noises, though.

Goin' in.
This looks promising.

 Oh look. More coal.

Oh hi there. 
The current creeper count: 3
The current iron count: 24
The current coal count : 5 billion
The current scary spider noises count: Way too many.

This chicken seems to be in the wrong neighborhood.

Cave spoils:
2 and a half stacks of coal (a stack is 64)
29 iron ore

Pretty good expedition if you ask me.
Now to venture back to my base.

Maybe I should wait until morning.

Well, I just dug myself a little 1x1x2 hole in the ground, and I'll wait until morning.
I friggin hate skeletons.

Anyway, this more or less concludes my adventure.
Happy minecrafting.